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Petition from the Town of Grafton

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To the Whole Court-

The petition of the Town of Grafton Humbly
Sheweth Thatt your Honours Petitioner, are Deaply
Sensible that the Rising of the people in Several
of the Countys and Rushing to arms in a Hostile
manner to Stop our Courts of Justice in Several of
the Countys in this Commonwealth is very prejudicial
to the Peace and welfair of the Same and Big with
most purnicious Consequences and we feal heartily af-
fected to behold the Horrors of a Scivil War- when
we Reflect back and Consider that it was this
State that ware the first that with stood the fource
and Rage of Great-Britain and when we Consider
our Charactornous stands high in the annals of
America and now to View our Selves plunged in
the horrors of an Intestine war we feal
Heartily willing to use Every Effort that possibly we
Can for the Salvation and peace of this Common-
wealth And now we humbly pray your Honours
if it can possibly Consist with the Dignity of this
Commonwealth to make our offer of pardon more
to all those who have arisen against the autho-
rity of this Commonwealth by their Laying Down
theirs arms and Engaging to bemean them selves
as Good and Loyal Subjects by taking the oath
of allegiance We assure your Honours that we
are not in favour of mobs and Riots but utter-
ly abhor and Detest them but the cause of this
Petition is our being Deaply affected with a Sense
of an Intestine War Your Honours Compliance
will Greatly oblige your Humble petitioners
and as in Duty bound shall Ever pray

Grafton January 27th 1787

Per order Benja Goddard Town Clerk