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Petition from the Town of Grafton

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The following are the Instructions Given to their Repre-
sentative for the Town of Grafton viz

(viz) To Colo Luke Drury, Representative for the Town
of Grafton Ss Although your Constituants Repose
the fullest confidence in your Integrity and abilities
yet it may not be amiss on some momentious
occasions that they Express to you their Sentiments
and we do hereby Instruct you that you Use
the utmost of your Endeavours that the following
articles be Enacted

1 That there is a General Pardon Granted to all that
aided or assisted or have taken up arms in what
the Governour and General Court Stiled? Rebellion
in this Commonwealth and that all Disqualification
that is on that account be taken off and all Dam-
ages by unjust Imprisonments and warrants be
made Good.

2d That the Government Troops be Immediately re-
called that are now in the field which were
Raised for four months with this notian Given that
the Severity of the Law shall be Executed on any
who shall murder any person or burn or Destroy
any property.-

3d That the General Court be removed out of Boston
some Conveniant place in the Country-

4th That all Licences be Granted by the Select men of
the Several Towns-

5th That all Estates of Deceasd persons be Setled by
the Select men of the Several towns-

6th That this Recording of Deeds be Done in the Town
where the Lands Sold Lieth-

7th That the Court of Common pleas and General
Sessions of the Peace be abollished-

8th That all manufacturies in the Country be

9thThat the Excise be Collected by the Constables or
collectors of the Several Towns-

10th That the act Suspending the writ of Habias
Corpius be Immedeately Repealed

11th That any person Entering a complaint against another and
cannot Support it shall be liable against to make good
all Damages-

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