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Petition from the Town of Grafton

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12thThat Duties on writs and Executions be
taken off as it comes out of the Debtor
which we think is unreasonable

13th That the Land and poll tax be Eased and
the tax Laid on superfluities

Grafton, may 26th 1787

Joseph Wood}
Thomas Bicknell}
Benja Walker}Committee
Ebenezer Wadsworth}
Ephraim Lyon}

The foregoing articles were accepted by the Town
Nathaniel Sherman Moderator

True Copy Errors Excepted
Benjamin Goddard Town Clerk

We the Subscribers Inhabitants of Grafton feal ourselves
Bound in Duty to protest against some articles of Instruc-
tions voted by this Town to Colo Luke Drury our
Representative on the Twenty sixth of may 1787
for the following Reasons- The first article of in-
structions we conceive not only contrary to the 30th
article in the Bill or Rights and the Eighth article
in the 2d Chapter of the form of Government but
too much a justification of the Insurjants and a
Disapprobation of the Measures of Government alth-
ough we wish for an Extention of Mercy as far as
the Honours of Government will possibly admit

The Instructions in article Second The immediate
Recall of Government troops without any proviso
as to the propriety of it appears to us a reflection
on Government and the notice Given that the Severity
of the Laws Shall be Executed on any who shall Murder
Burn or Destroy any Property- When all those who
have been in opposition to Government are to be