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Verdict for Jason Parmenter

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Hampshire Ss

At the Supreme Judidial Court begun & holden at
Northampton within & for the County of Hampshire on
the ninth day of April in the year of our Lord seventeen hundred
and eighty seven by adjournment to that time from the first
Thursday of the same April by writ in Virtue of an Ad
of the General Court made in February last past -

The Jurors for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
upon their oath present, that jason Parmenter of Bernard
ston in the same County, yeoman, Daniel Luddington,
of South Hampton, in the same County, yeoman, James
White, of Colerain in the same County, yeoman, Alpheus
Colton, of Long Meadow in the same County, Labourer &
Moses Dickenson Junr of Northfield in the same County
yeoman being members, and Subjects of this Commonwealth
and owing allegiance to the Same, not having the
fear of GOD in their Hearts nor having any regard
to the duty of their Allegiance but being moved and
seduced by a lawless and rebellious Spirit & withdraw-
ing from the said Commonwealth that cordial Love
and due obedience, fidelity and allegiance which every
member of the same Commonwealth of right ought to
bear to it, and also most wickedly & traiterously devi-
-sing and conspiring, to levy war against this Com
-monwealth and thereby most wickedly & traiterously
intending as much as in thern lay to change and
subvert the rule and Government of this Commonwealth
duly and happily established under the good people the
inhabitants and members of the Same, according