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Verdict for Jason Parmenter

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peace of the said Commonwealth being, and lawfully and in
the duty of their Allegiance to the said Commonwealth
defending the same from the traiterous attacks as aforesd.
all which is aginst the duty of their allegiance against
the Peace of the Commonwealth aforesaid and the Law
of the said Commonwealth in such case made & provided
as the dignity of the same. --
RT. Paine Atty ye Rebup. a true Bill Seth Murray foreman
Hampshire Ss. April Term at norhtampton 1787. --
The said Jason Parmenter, moses Dickenson jr. Daniel
Luddington James Whte & Alpheus Colton are arraigned
at the Bar and have this Indictment read to them &
they severally say that thereof they are not guilty &
thereof for the trial put themselves on God and the Country
Attest Jno Tucker Cler ___

and now in the present Term before the Court
here come, the said Jason Parmenter, Moses Dick-
-enson Jrdaniel Luddington, James White and
Alpheus Colton, under custody of the Sheriff of said County
and being set at the bar here in their proper persons &
forthwith being demanded concerning the premises in the
indictment above specified and charged upon them how they
will acquit themselves thereof, they severally say that
thereof they are not guilty and thereof for trial severally put
themselves on God and the Country (Simeon Strong & Caleb
Strong Esqr having been assigned by the ^ Court as Counsel for the
Prisoners) a Jury is immediately impanelled VIZ Jonah
White Foreman, & Fellows namely Moses Lillogg William
Wait, David Graves Daniel Littlefield, Simeon Lyman
Silas Graves Miles Alexander Zadock Hawks John
Eastman Elihua Lyman & Elijah Morton who being
sworn to speak the truth of and concerning the promises
upon their oath say that the said Jason Parmenter is