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Verdict for Jason Parmenter

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according to the Constitution and form of Government
of the same,, and to reduce them to Anarchy lawless power
and confusion, upon the twenty fifth day of January
in the year of our Lord Seventeen hundred & Eighty
seven and on divers days and times as well before
that time as since at Springfield within the County;
Hampshire aforesaid with a great number of Rebels and
Traitors against the Commonwealth aforesaid vizr. the
number of one thousand whose Names are yet un-
known to the Jurors being armed and arrayed in a
warlike ^ & hostile manner viz with drums beating, fifes
playing, and with Guns, Pistols, Bayonets, Swords,
Clubs and divers other Weapons as well offensive as
defensive with force and arms did falsely & traiterously
assemble and join themselves against this Commonwealth
and the laws and Government of the same as established
by the Constitution and form of Government of the same
and with force as aforesaid then and there did falsely and
traiterously array and dispose themselves against the
Commonwealth aforesaid and the due administration
of Justice of the same, according to the law & authority
of the same and then & there with force & arms
as aforesaid in pursuance of such their wicked
and traiterous intentions and purposes ^ as aforesaid
did falsely and traiterously prepare, order, wage &
levy a pubic and cruel war, against the Comon-
wealth aforesaid and then and there with force as
aforesaid wickedly & traitorously did assault imprison
captivate, plunder, destoy kill & murder divers
of the liege subjects of the said Commonwealth in the