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Excerpts from the Journal of Park Holland

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where the Continental Stores were deposited & guarded
by Genl Shepard he imediatly sent one of his Aidecamps
with a Flag to inform Shays that if he advanced any
further he should immediatly fire upon him he returned
no answer but continued his March more rapidly Shepard
ordered his Field Pieces to be Loaded imediatly some with Balls
& some with Grape Shot for the Front guard had now advanced
within Gunshot and as they continued to advance he then
ordered one of the pieces which was loaded with round shot
to fire on them imediatly and to elevate the piece in such
a manner as to go over their Heads which was don Immediatly
they then quickened their March insted of halting - he then
ordered another piece to be fired to be well Loaded and to
take as good aim as possible at the Main Body which was
imediatly done the consequence of which was a verry -
rapid and disorderly retreat and three Men left Dead on the
ground & one Mortally wounded - whilst Shays was ad-
-vancing on Springfield Capt. Day had collected a considerable
Force on the oposit side of the river at West Springfield to
reinforce Shays if necesary. Therefore as soon as Lincolns
Army had taken proper refreshment we imediatly crossed
the River to West Springfield to call Capt. Day to an account
for his Acts and Deeds but on arriving there we found
that he in his Wisdom had thought best to disband all his
troops so that when we arrived Day nor any of his Men were
to be found - we then Marched to Oald Hadly thinking
it possible that Day might Muster his Troops again and
attempt to join Shays at Pelham. We tarryed two or Three days
at Hadly to refresh ourselves and waiting for our Artillery
and stores to overtake us about the third day of our tarry