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Excerpts from the Journal of Park Holland

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they and their retreat was so rapid that some of the
officers had left their Swords and some of the Soldiers
their Fire arms and this was the last we saw of them
they generally went to their own homes and some went
further for their own safety - About noon after Genl.
Lincolns army had got comfortably settled in their
quarters it was reported that a company of Shay Men
were collected and quartered in a House in the Southerly
part of the Town - And I was ordered to take my
company with a sufficient Number of Sleighs and bring
them imedially to Headquarters. I accordingly proceeded about
two & half miles and found they were in a House about
200 Road from the Road here I made a halt and sent
a Serjeant by way of a Flag and informed the Captain
that he was requested with his Company to march im-
edially to the Generals quarters the Serjeant returned
and said the Captain would send an Answer imediatly
we peraded the Company with all convenient speed and
watched the movement of the Enemy (if so they may be
called) they soon concluded to surrender and tackled their
Horses & loaded their Baggage and came to us and said
they were ready to go where they were required accordingly
we marched to Head quarters where I informed the
General I had brot the Company as he had requested
he said he wished to see the Captain I accordingly
Introduced Captain Foot who commanded
the company after the comon civilities had passed
the General asked him what he now wished to do he
said his most earnest wish was to return home with
his Company the General observed it was the best thing