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Excerpts from the Journal of Park Holland

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he could do and he earnestly wished it also and if
if he was in want of supplys for his Journey he should
be furnished with what was necessary the Captain informed
him he had three weeks provision on hand and good
Horses and Sleighs to transport them and nothing was
wanting for the Journey they had now liberty to depart and
after biding the General and all of us a friendly farewell
they set out for home with their Eyes filled with tears of
Joy - I believe it is verry seldom we see so many Men so
completely happy as these ware and I suspect they would
be the last men that would again raise their Hand against
Government - aft tarrying a few days longer we moved to
the Town of Barra about Seven Miles to the Eastward where there
was nothing of consequence transpired worth relating unless
I mention a small scouting party that went back to Petersham
after we had ben at Barra a few days, it was reported that
a number of the Inhabitatnts of Petersham that had gon off
with Shays had returned again. A number of Men belonging
to our Regiment Volunteered and wished to go back to Petersham and
see how the Shays Men behaved themselves after their returned.
Our Colonel rather suspected that the scouting party (some of
them being rather high bucks) might be guilty of some
overt acts desired that I would go with them which I
accordingly did and we set off and arrived some time
late in the evening and found the Men at home all
peacable some of the front sleighs had got a head and just
gone to the House of a Mr. Jerimiah Gallant who had ben a
conspicous carracter in the Rebellion they found him in Bed
and ordered him up imediatly for he must go to Headquarters